Deductibility of the loan and acquisition interests on the bare ownership (nue-propriété) on the part of the property society (SCI): a missed appointment for equalizing harmonization

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On the combined legal basis of the articles 8, 13, 1o и 31,I, 1o, d of the General Taxation Code of France (CGI) the loan interests are acquired personally by the holder of the bare ownership(nue-propriété) to finance the acquisition of the bare ownership (nue-propriété)  from its part, within SCI as a holder of the rented real estate, the property interests are not deductible if the interested person would receive them for other property or property rights since those interests cannot be considered as the exposed obligation for the acquisition or the conservation of the estate income in conformity if the administrative doctrine prescriptions.

On the other hand, on this very same legal basis the loan interests supported by the usufruct holder from the part of society to finance this acquisition since it the only subject to the income tax for the quota corresponding to the right in the social Income that he receives.

Finally, the loan interests actually paid by the bare ownership holder of the rented property (not a part of the SCI) and intended to finance either acquisition of the bare ownership either expenses of repairing, maintenance or improvement of such property are deductible from the property income coming from their other property if necessary.


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